Andrew J. Scholand
Marietta, GA

A highly motivated, high performing systems engineer with excellent self reliance, communication, and consensus building skills. Looking to apply leading edge approaches such as Internet technologies, evolutionary computing, and expert systems in engineering organizations to foster greater competitiveness and profits.

Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D. (ME) September 1998 3.9/4.0
Kings College London MSEE October 1991 N/A
Worcester Polytechnic Institute BSME May 1989 3.83/4.0

September 1993-
Engineering Information Systems Laboratory,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
EIS Lab Manager - Working with a team of four researchers to apply new Computer Aided Engineering concepts to electronic packaging. Major efforts include (1) developing tool kits to enable distributed collaborative engineering, especially in the transfer of products from design facilities to manufacturing facilities, (2) incorporating product-aware analysis into the factory-level manufacturing planning process, and (3) providing sophisticated formula based analyses of electronic packages via the WWW .
October 1991-
September 1993
Aetna Life & Causalty, Information Management Department (IMD)
Middletown, CT
Technical Systems Consultant - Helped create the technical infrastructure which made IMD a profit leading division providing the information Aetna customers were demanding. Applied leading edge technologies, including expert system evaluation of reports, client-server information delivery, and electronic delivery of reports. Managed rapid technological change in both hardware and software to maximize productivity in an MS Office environment, and provided accompanying educational and support services.
June 1991-
September 1991
Ford Motor Company (UK) Ltd.
Dagenham, England
Co-op Student - Pioneered the use of driving simulator as test bed for obtaining critical data on proposed electronic vehicle controls at minimum cost. Fostered mutually beneficial relationship between Ford UK Systems Engineering Department and Electrical Engineering Department at Kings College.
August 1989-
August 1990
Sunkist Botswana (Pty.) Ltd.
Botswana, Africa
Systems Engineer - Drafted several tenders, successfully generating 50-60K dollars(US) of contracts for company, beating other well financed competition from abroad. Completely revamped one of main product designs, and dramatically improved quality of solar electronic components assembled in-house. Drove down costs by reevaluating suppliers for key components of solar systems, and by contracting out some assembly tasks. Supervised and lead installation teams, keeping to demanding schedule. Transferred technical knowledge to fellow employees, increasing effectiveness of company overall.
Summer 1988 &
Summer 1989
Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, NY
Summer Intern - Provided product and process metrology services, including need assessment, equipment design, manufacture supervision, deployment, and end user training.

Scholand, A. J.; Bras, B.; and Fulton, R. E. (1999) "An Investigation Of PWB Layout By Genetic Algorithms To Maximize Fatigue Life." ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, Volume 121, No. 1, pp. 31 - 36.

Scholand, A. J.; Peak, R. S.; Fulton, R. E. (1997) "The Engineering Service Bureau - Empowering SMEs to Improve Collaboratively Developed Products." CALS Expo USA, Oct 13-16, 1997, Orlando.

Scholand, A. J.; Peak, R. S.; Fulton, R. E. (1997) "Improving Electronic Packaging Manufacturing Through Product and Process-Driven Analysis: A PWB Case Study." 1997 ASME Intl. Mech. Engr. Congress & Expo., Dallas. To Appear November, 1997.

Engineering organizations
  • ASME, The American Society for Mechanical Engineers
  • IEE, The Institute for Electrical Engineers (UK)
Honor Societies