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Progress on Standards-Based Engineering Frameworks that include STEP AP210 (Avionics), PDM Schema, and AP233 (Systems)

An Engineering Framework Interest Group (EFWIG) Overview


Russell Peak - Georgia Tech, Mike Dickerson - JPL/NASA, Lothar Klein - LKSoft, Steve Waterbury - NASA-Goddard, Greg Smith - Boeing, Tom Thurman - Rockwell Collins, Jim U'Ren - JPL/NASA, Ken Buchanan - ATI/PDES Inc.; 2002 NASA-ESA Workshop on Aerospace Product Data Exchange ESA/ESTEC; April 9-12, 2002; Noordwijk (ZH), The Netherlands


This presentation overviews progress towards standards-based engineering frameworks for in-progress design collaboration at the department/workgroup level. Engineering frameworks (EFWs) are themselves viewed as a system of subsystems.

We describe how content representation standards like STEP AP210, PDM Schema, and AP233 are subsystems in an EFW and discuss their combined role. Content access standards like SDAI, CORBA, and PDM Enablers are another element in EFWs that enable finer-grained interoperability than monolithic file exchange. Tools and architectures that leverage these two levels of standards are discussed, including experience to date with specific EFWs.


Slides: ppt