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Developing a Design/Simulation Framework
A Workshop with CPDA's Design/Simulation Council
May 15th, 2007 • Atlanta

Leveraging Simulation Templates & Processes with SysML
Applications to CAD-FEA Interoperability

Russell Peak

SysML holds the promise of leveraging generic templates and processes across design and simulation. Russell Peak joins us to give an update on the latest efforts at Georgia Tech to apply this approach in various domains, including specific examples with a top-tier automotive supplier. Learn how you too may join this project and implement a similar effort within your own company to enhance modularity and reusability through a unified method that links diverse models. Russell will also highlight SysML’s parametrics capabilities and usage for physics-based analysis, including integrated CAD-CAE and simulation-based requirements verification. Go to www.omgsysml.org for background on SysML—a graphical modeling language based on UML2 for specifying, designing, analyzing, and verifying complex systems.

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