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Concurrent Element Level Processing for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis on a Massively Parallel Computer


Synn, S.Y.; Fulton, R.E. (1995) Computing Systems in Engineering: An International Journal, vol.6, No. 3, Pergamon Press Inc., Tarrytown, NY, USA, 285-293.


Parallel processing systems, Parallel algorithms, Finite element method, Concurrent engineering, Software engineering, Computer software, Computer architecture, Hierarchical systems, Codes (symbols), Computer simulation, Concurrent element level processing, Nonlinear dynamic analysis, Massively parallel computer, Hierarchical ring architecture


The goal of this paper is to explore parallel methodologies with the desired flexibility, generality and accuracy for nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis on massively parallel computer. This paper tests the generality of the concurrent element processing approach and proposes a basic software design strategy to fully take advantage of features available in massively parallel computers having a hierarchical ring architecture. As a testbed, a large scale general purpose code, DYNA3D as used and modified as appropriate to test proposed parallel design concepts on a KSR1 parallel computer.