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This page lists primary participants (*) in the Georgia Tech TIGER group, as well as others who contributed directly to the success of this effort. Please see the Main TIGER Web at SCRA regarding other TIGER team members: Arthur D. Little, Boeing, Holaday Circuits, International TechneGroup Inc., and SCRA

Computer-Aided Simulation of Packaging Reliability Lab (CASPaR Lab)

Jill Conley, Suresh Sitaraman*, Jorg Sizemore*, Kyle Smith*

Engineering Information Systems Lab (EIS Lab)

Selcuk Cimtalay*, Bob Fulton*, Russell Peak*, Andy Scholand*, Diego Tamburini*, Wen Zhou*

Atlanta Electronic Commerce Resource Center (Atlanta ECRC)

Jim Duhig, Bob Fulton, Neil Hall, Chien Hsuing, Ralph Latham, Tom McDugald, Russell Peak*, M. C. Ramesh, Donna Rogers

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