Engineering Frameworks Interest Group (EFWIG)

A PDES Inc. systems engineering subproject.
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The Engineering Frameworks Interest Group (EFWIG) is a cooperative effort aimed at furthering standards-based collaborative engineering environments (CEEs). In this context, similar terminology1 includes engineering information and knowledge systems, interoperability technology, repository architectures, and integration frameworks.

The emphasis is on techniques and tools to achieve open, standards-based EFWs. We are showing how existing and emerging standards like ISO 10303 (STEP), OMG CAD Services, and W3C SOAP can work together to enable plug-and-play EFWs. We are also working with similar groups to identify gaps, develop solutions, and promote standardization of such solutions.

The initial scope is oriented towards electro-mechanical systems design (e.g., STEP AP210), systems engineering (e.g., AP233), systems software, and engineering analysis (e.g., AP209) . Cross-cutting aspects like PDM/PxM, engineering information technology, and knowledge representation are also considered. The target end user context is engineering work groups and departments developing in-process designs.

Another way to think of EFWIG is as an "implementers forum" or "users group"; however, here the thing being implemented and used is not a single standard or a vendor tool, but EFWs within particular organizations (which include components like people, their models, their tools, and enabling standards). Thus groups like the NASA/JPL Design Hub that provide CAx capabilities across an organization are natural EFWIG stakeholders.

Other groups are welcome to get involved! Email the contacts below about how to become part of the team.

Available Items

Items ready for public release are placed here. Other in-process items and tools are available on the team intranet.

Design Hub
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Georgia Tech


1. Related terms include systems for product data/lifecycle/information/knowledge management (PxM) and collaborative product commerce (CPC).

Last Updated: 2002-05-30