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Development and Consulting Services

EIS Lab offers development and consulting services via the Georgia Tech Research Corporation for areas including the following. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.

  • Simulation-based design (SBD) and engineering (SBE)
  • Analysis integration & optimization (XAI)
  • Highly automated parametric FEA (product data-driven)
  • Product-specific analysis module catalogs
  • Internet-based engineering service bureau (ESB) development
  • Engineering information technology
    • PDM, XML, UML, Java, Web Services, SOAP, CORBA, Internet, STEP, GenCAM,
  • Engineering work process improvement & re-engineering
  • CAD/CAE/CAM, FEA, thermal & mechanical analysis

See also our research and project work in the above areas, as well as related tools:

  • General-purpose analysis integration toolkit
    • XaiTools Framework
  • Product-Specific Toolkits
    • XaiTools PWA-B
    • XaiTools ChipPackage
  • U-Engineer.com™ (may not be availble during update in-progress)
    • Internet-based engineering service bureau (ESB)
    • From self-serve analysis modules to full-serve consulting