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EIS Lab People

Current Faculty & Staff

Melissa Baker, Administrative Assistant
Angela Birkes, Research Engineer
Robert E. Fulton, Director

Current Graduate Students

"Developing the leaders of tomorrow"

Robbie D. Ludlow
Manas Bajaj
Chien Hsiung
Injoong Kim
Greg Mocko
Nsikan Udoyen
Sungshik Yim
Sai Zeng


Engineering Information Technology
CAD/CAE/CAM, Analysis Integration

Ashok Chandrasekhar , Manhattan Associates
Wei Chang, General Motors
Janice Chinn, U. S. Air Force
Tord Dennis, Ph.D candidate at Georgia Tech I.S.Y.E Department
VuChuong Do
Michael Y. Gabertan, Motorola
Neil Hall, Reinhardt College
Trey Jernigen, Lockheed Martin
Donald Koo, Global Steel Exchange
Mohammed K. Saadat, Schlumberger
Miyako Wilson, Georgia Tech Mfg Research Center

Angela Birkes, Georgia Tech ECRC
Bipin Chadha, Lockheed Martin
Selcuk Cimtalay , Clickfox.com
Tal Cohen, Clickfox.com
Xiaoling He
Gintas Jazbutis, EDS Product Lifecycle Management Solutions
Deeptendu Majumder, Computervision Corp
Russell S. Peak, Georgia Tech Mfg Research Center
Ravi Rangan, Product Sight
Andrew Scholand , Georgia Tech Mfg Research Center
Diego Tamburini, EDS Product Lifecycle Management Solutions
Ching-Yang Wang, Boeing
Pete Whelan, Sematech
Chao-pin Yeh, Motorola
Sai Zeng, IBM
Wen Zhou, Motorola

Parallel Processing

C. Chiang, University in Taiwan
Kuoning Chiang, Taiwan Super Computer Center
Dietmar Goelich, Daimler-Chrysler
Jason Har, Korean Air
Rong Fu Ou, Engineering Consulting Firm
Phillip Su, NASA Langley Super Computer Project
Sang Synn, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

Emeritus Faculty & Staff

Tal Cohen, Research Engineer
Kali Fox Miller, Student Assistant
Haruko K. Peak, Technical Assistant
Russell S. Peak, Sr. Research Engineer, Co-Director
Donna Rogers, Administrative Coordinator
Adrienne Rollerson, Student Assistant
Andrew J. Scholand, Research Engineer
Steven Smith, former Undergraduate Student

Emeritus Visiting Researchers

Sunn-Ho Kim, Myong-Ji University, Korea
Alex Kuo, National Defense Management College, Taiwan
Seok-In Lee, Kwangju-Chonnam Electronic Commerce                         Resource Center, Korea
Ryuichi Matsuki, SHINKO Electric Industries Co. Ltd.

Emeritus Associates

M.C. Ramesh
Srivatsa Shamanna (ITI)