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Russell S. Peak


EIS Lab Role:

Alumni and Emeritus Co-Director

Current Position:

Research Faculty in the
Manufacturing Research Center (MARC)


Senior Research Engineer


MARC Room 452






Manufacturing Research Center (MARC)
Georgia Institute of Technology
813 Ferst Drive, MARC 373
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0560 USA




Current web page @ MARC



1993, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology


1985, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology


1984, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Selected Publications through 2000

See Dr. Peak's current web page regarding more recent work.

Peak, R. S (Jan. 2000) Automating Product Data-Driven Analysis Using Multifidelity Multidirectional Constrained Objects. Invited Presentation, NASA STEP for Aerospace Workshop, Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena CA.

Peak, R.S.; Scholand, A.J.; Fulton, R.E.; Koo, D.; Tamburini, D.R.; Wilson, M.; Zeng, S.; Roberts, J.H.; Spann, P.J. (1999) Product Data-Driven Analysis in a Missile Supply Chain (ProAM) Final Report , Georgia Tech Engineering Information Systems Lab Technical Report E-15-642-D05, Concurrent Technologies Corp Contract N00140-96-D-1818/0008 for US DoD JECPO.

R. S. Peak, R. E. Fulton, A. Chandrasekhar, S. Cimtalay, M. A. Hale, D. Koo, L. Ma, A. J. Scholand, D. R. Tamburini, M. W. Wilson (Feb. 2, 1999) Design-Analysis Associativity Technology for PSI, Phase I Report: Pilot Demonstration of STEP-based Stress Templates Georgia Tech Project E15-647, The Boeing Company Contract W309702.

Peak, R.S.; Scholand, A.J.; Tamburini, D.R.; Fulton, R.E. (1999) Towards the Routinization of Engineering Analysis to Support Product Design, Invited Paper for Special Issue: Advanced Product Data Management Supporting Product Life-Cycle Activities, Intl. J. Computer Applications in Technology, Vol. 12, No. 1, 1-15.

Peak, R.S.; Fulton, R.E.; Nishigaki, I.; Okamoto, N. (1998) Integrating Engineering Design and Analysis Using a Multi-Representation Approach, Engineering with Computers, Volume 14, Number 2., 93-114.

Peak, R.S.; Fulton, R.E.; Sitraman, S.K. (1997) Thermomechanical CAD/CAE Integration in the TIGER PWA Toolset, InterPACK'97, Advances in Electronic Packaging-1997, EEP-Vol. 19-1, Suhir, E.et al., Kohala Coast, Hawaii, 957-962.

Peak, R. S. A Survey of Engineering Framework Technology with Applications to Computer Aided Engineering 6th Intl. Conference, Flexible Automation & Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM 96), May 13-15, 1996, Atlanta, pp 47-56.

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