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Selçuk Cimtalay

Status: EIS Lab PhD Alumni
E-mail: cimtalay@yahoo.com



2000, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta


1992, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta


1990, Mechanical Engineering, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey


1987, Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Research Interests

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Design-Analysis-Optimization Integration, Engineering Information Management

Selected Publications

Cimtalay, S. (2000) Object Oriented Paradigm for Optimization Model Enhancement. PhD Dissertation, School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech, Atlanta.

Cimtalay, S.; Peak, R. S.; Fulton, R. E. (1996) Optimization of Solder Joint Fatigue Life Using Product Model-Based Analysis Models. Application of CAE/CAD to Electronic Systems, EEP-Vol.18, Agonafar, D., et al., eds., 1996 ASME Intl. Mech. Engr. Congress & Expo., Atlanta, 47-53.

Cimtalay, S. and Fulton, R.E.(1994) Parameter Design of Heat Sink: Multiple Trade Offs. Application of CAE/CAD to Electronic Systems, Proceedings of ASME Winter Annual Meeting, Volume EEP-9, pp. 53-58, November 10, 1994, Chicago, Illinois.

Fadel, G. M. and Cimtalay, S. (1993) Automatic Evaluation of Move-limits in Structural Optimization. Structural Optimization , v 6 1993 Publ by Springer-Verling p 233-237

Fadel, Georges M. and Cimtalay, Selcuk(1993) Evaluation of Move-limits Using the Two-point Exponential Approximation in Structural Optimization. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, AerospaceDivision (AD) , Structures & Controls Optimization ASME Aerosp Div Publ AD v 38 1993 Publ by ASME New York NY USA p 83-92

Other EIS Lab Publications