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1999 Events

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January 27-28, 1999 - ProAm WIP Demo & Project Meeting, Georgia Tech, Mfg. Research Center Auditorium.

May 21, 1999 - Doctoral Thesis Defense, The Analyzable Product Model Representation to Support Design-Analysis Integration by Diego Tamburini, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex (MRDC), Room 4211, 1:00 p.m..

June 17-18, 1999 - ProAM Project Demonstration - Atlanta

September 9, 1999 - Masters Thesis Defense, Interfacing Geometric Design Models to Analyzable Product Models with Multifidelity and Mismatched Analysis Geometry by Ashok Chandrasekhar, Georgia Tech, Mfg. Research Center (MARC), Room 201, 3:00 p.m.

September 12-15, 1999 - ASME 1999 DETC/CIE Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada
Cohen, T.; Peak, R.S.; Fulton, R.E. (1999) Evaluating A Change Process Product Data Model For An Analysis Driven Supply Chain Case Study.
Scholand, A.J.; Peak, R.S.; Fulton, R.E. (1999) Enabling Distributed Data Processing for Internet Analysis with GenX.

September 16, 1999 - Visit & Seminar, "A Method for Analyzing Electromagnetic-Force-Induced Vibration and Noise from Motors" by Dr. Koki Shiohata (Hitachi MERL)

September 20-22, 1999 - SPIE Intl. Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Advanced Mfg., Photonics East '99, Boston.
Koo, D.; Peak, R.S.; Fulton, R.E. (1999) An Object-Oriented Parser-based Finite Element Analysis Tool Interface

September 25, 1999 - Webelos Scout Visit to EIS Lab. Pictures.

September 27, 1998 - Invited Talk, NSF/NIST Workshop on Building Object Modeling, Georgia Tech, Atlanta.
Fulton, R.E. A Historic Cross Industry Perspective.

October 4, 1999 - Invited Talk, Mechnical Section, National Academy of Engineers 1999 Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. Fulton, R.E. (1999) Impact of Electronic Commerce on Concurrent Engineering (EC/CE).

November 30-December 2, 1999 - 21st Century Commerce Expo, Assoc. for Enterprise Integration (AFEI), San Diego, CA.
Peak, R.S. (1999) Integrating Product Design and Analysis Models. An Overview of ProAM: Product Data-Driven Analysis in a Missile Supply Chain

December 7-9, 1999 - GCA Conference, Markup Technologies '99, Philadelphia, PA.
McLay, M.; Scholand, A.J.; Fulton, R.E. Issues in Mapping GenCAM to XML