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Evaluating A Change Process Product Data Model For An Analysis Driven Supply Chain Case Study


Cohen, T.; Peak, R.S.; Fulton, R.E. (1999) 1999 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences, Proceedings of DETC99, Las Vegas, Nevada, 9014.


This paper introduces a change management case study using Product Data-Driven Analysis scenarios from TIGER [TIGER, 97] a supply chain case study - and an associated mapping to a STEP data model, a standard format product data model terminology. The case study describes supply chain scenarios that involve prime with contractors, subcontractors and consulting entities. The core activity within these scenarios is an engineering analysis of Printed Wiring Boards (PWB) with a focus on modeling product analysis data. Analysis of PWB can involve an iterative process that translates to changes to the product data. Application protocol 208 [STEP, Part 208/CD] is an underdeveloped part of the STEP standard and deals with product life cycle and change management. These changes are incorporated into the case study scenarios and the capability of AP 208 to capture them is evaluated.


Manuscript: pdf