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Design-Analysis (Thermal and Mechanical) Integration Research for Electronic Packaging


Matsuki R., Peak R.,Zeng S.,Wilson M., Kim I., Bajaj M.(2002) Design-Analysis (Thermal and Mechanical) Integration Research for Electronic Packaging, SEMICON, Japan


Simulating the characteristics of electronic packages like thermal resistance, thermomechanical stress distribution and electromagnetics is important to guide and verify their design.Since packages consist of densely packed components of varied materials and shapes, the simulation time for generating their finite element analysis (FEA) models can span from hours to days.

This paper overviews efforts to develop an automated tool aimed at one phase for CAD-CAE integration, that is FEA modeling. Automating idealized body decomposition and the use of SOAP have enabled a large-scale time reduction in FEA of packages while simultaneously providing the freedom to perform simulations across multiple platforms over the Internet.Additionally, proof-of-concept usage of STEP-based information models for chip packages (ISO 10303-210) holds promise for overcoming additional barriers in heterogeneous CAD-CAE transformations.


Manuscript: pdf

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