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A Scientific Formalism for Product Realization in a Global Manufacturing Enterprise


Mocko, G. M. 2003, ďA Scientific Formalism for Product Realization in a Global Manufacturing Enterprise," ASME Travel Grant Competition Paper, ASME, September 2-6, Chicago, Illinois.

Organization and Overarching Goals in this Report

My overarching goals in composing this report are to develop a clear and concise vision of the future of engineering, postulate the needs of design / manufacturing enterprises in the world of 2020, and present solutions to these needs.  Towards this end, steps towards formalizing product realization in a global marketplace are presented.

In the first section of this report I present the direction of this report in the form of an interview with the CEO of FutureTechDME.  Next, I present the position of FutureTechDME in the next 20 years.  In this, I present the partnerships that must be forged, the research challenges the FutureTechDME will face, and the core research directions to address the scientific formalism of product realization in 2020.  I present my vision of the world of 2020 around major drives such as technology, economy and communication considerations.  Finally, I develop a vision of support technology and academic research to meet the needs of manufacturing enterprises in 2020.

Setting the Context - An Interview with the CEO

My vision of the world of 2020 and the technology needed to support manufacturing enterprises in the world of 2020 is presented in the context of competing for a job opening as a consultant to a high tech manufacturing firm, FutureTechDME.  In the job briefing at FutureTechDME, the CEO states:

Welcome to the briefing. I am interested in positioning our company, FutureTechDME, to be one of the high tech, global manufacturing enterprises in the year 2020.  I want to hire a consultant who is able to define the characteristics of this company in the year 2020, the research challenges it will face, its mode of operation, the partnerships it will need to forge and more importantly the technology that will be necessary to support it employees in being globally competitive.

I am particularly interested in the research issues that we in partnership with our colleagues in academia will need to address over the next 20 years, namely, a scientific formalism for product realization suitable for a global manufacturing enterprise

I am looking for a consultant who understands my needs and is cost-effective.  I am looking for a consultant who is able to conceive, research, and articulate a bold plan for the future of our company.  I am looking for a consultant who is able to anchor his/her dream in well-documented scholarship.  Most importantly, I am looking for a consultant who will join my team for the long haul; a person who is able to keep learning and helping my company negotiate its ways through the first twenty years of this century.

In the following sections, I address several of the main issues readied by the CEO of FutureTechDME, namely:

  • The strategic position of FutureTechDME
  • The academic partnerships to be forged
  • Goals and research issues to be addressed
  • Challenges that FutureTechDME will face over the next 20 years, and
  • My vision of the world of 2020


Manuscript: pdf

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