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Systematic Design Method for Information Modeling in CAD/CAE


Zeng S.,Kim E. J., Mocko G. M., Xiao A., Peak R. , Mistree F.,Systematic design method for information modeling in CAD/CAE, ASME, 23rd Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, September 2-6, Chicago, Illinois.


Information Models, Engineering Design Methodologies, Systematic Design, Pahl and Beitz Methodology, Multi-representation Architecture, Analysis Building Block, Solution Method Model, Decision Support Problem.


As engineering systems are increasingly becoming more complex, the need for information models is growing accordingly. Extensive research is currently underway to develop engineering data management capabilities and to understand the role of information as a systems integrator. In order to develop information models more effectively, a systematic methodology is needed to better manage data and develop information models.

In the area of CAD/CAE/CAM applications, an information gap exists between design models and analysis models. To this end, a multi-representational architecture (MRA) is presented to facilitate the transformation of information from design models to various support analysis models. In this paper, our primary focus is on ABBs (Analysis Building Blocks) for solid mechanics and thermal systems that generate FEA (Finite Element Analysis) SMMs (Solution Method Models) to obtain their results.

Our focus in this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of the Pahl and Beitz methodology in developing the ABB information model. The Pahl and Beitz design methodology is intended for physical product design applications. Three of the four phases of the Pahl and Beitz methodology are examined and modified to facilitate development of the ABB information model. The augmentations of these phases are presented in this paper. The results of the development of concepts of ABB information model using the Pahl and Beitz methodology support the use of systematic design methodologies for the development of information models. The emphasis of this work is on the methodology used to develop the ABB information model rather than the technical result of the ABB model.


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