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A Prototype Multimedia Auto Broker


Birkes, A.Y., Hsiung, C.H., Cohen, T., and Fulton, R.E., A Prototype Multimedia Auto Broker, Proceedings of the Engineering Database Smyposium, 1995 ASME 15th Annual Computers in Engineering, September 17-21, 1995, Boston, Massachusetts.


Intelligent, easy to use, and entertaining multimedia information brokers are vital to the explosive role of information technology. With the advent of interactive television and the information superhighway in the near future, information management systems (information brokers) for consumer services and products will be necessary.

This paper describes the application requirements process and subsequent prototyping efforts for a multimedia auto broker. The research activity presented has distinct phases which overlap and take place concurrently in some instances. The phases include a knowledge acquisition phase, applications requirements definition phase, and testing and validation phase. The details of each of these phases which led to the prototype multimedia auto broker are characterized, followed by a brief introduction of effort underway for the system architecture, and recommendations for generalizing the multimedia information broker to other applications.


Manuscript: pdf