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Modeling Patient Care for Multimedia Database


Cohen, T., Birkes, A. Y., Hsiung, C. H., and Fulton, R. E., Modeling Patient Care for Multimedia Databases, Proceedings of the Engineering Database Symposium, The 1995 ASME 15th Annual Computers in Engineering Conference, Boston, MA, Sept 17-21, 1995.


In the medical arena, the number of uses for new technology is increasing rapidly. In the last few decades, physicians have been using more computerized tools and are basing their diagnoses on high-tech lab results. While the tools used for diagnoses -- such as catscans, MRI's and the myriad of other high-tech equipment -- have improved greatly over the years, the method of storing these results into a medical record has not changed much. In fact, the medical system is using antiquated methods of paper-based record, and this results in inefficiency. The record-keeping system simply does not allow for the high-tech equipment to be used to their greatest potential.

Medical professionals are confronted with a basic issue: How should they manage the huge amount of different types of information so that they can improve medical treatment and upgrade patient care? The case study presented in this paper deals with the Emory Clinic, located in Atlanta, Georgia, which treats a very high volume of patients. This paper provides a study of the patient care process, development of an initial product data model, characterizes and identifies multimedia datasets and finally presents a screen mockup that reflect some of the datasets.


Manuscript: pdf