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Models of Electronic Package Engineering


Cox, F. L. III; Jazbutis, G. B.Advances in Electronic Packaging-1997, EEP-Vol. 19-1, Suhir, E., et al., eds., InterPACK'97, June 15-19, 1997, Kohala Coast, Hawaii,


Some CAD and CAE tools exist to support electronic package engineering. However, these tools address only part of the needs of the discipline. Many of these tools are merely adaptations of tools developed for other areas, such as printed circuit board design, and do not address the unique needs of single- and multi-chip modules nor allow for the increased complexities of the advanced packaging technology now being developed. Further cost reduction could be realized by providing consistent, unified information and data management throughout the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of packages.

Formal models of the electronic package engineering process are needed to guide the development of software and databases to achieve these design automation goals. This paper reports on the development of such models, written in IDEF0 and EXPRESS. These models should be useful in determining the needs for CAD and CAE software in the package engineering process and in establishing requirements for software integration and interoperability.


Manuscript: pdf