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Structural Dynamics Methods for Concurrent Processing Computers


Chiang, K.N.; Fulton, R.E. (1990) Computers and Structures, Vol. 36, No. 6, 1031-1037.


Structural Analysis, Computer Systems, Digital--Parallel Processing, Dynamics--Computer Aided Analysis, Automobiles--Crashworthiness, Mathematical Techniques--Algorithms, Structural Dynamics, Crash Dynamics, FLEX/32 Computer, Intel iPSC Hypercube Computer


In the area of crash impact, research is urgently required on the development and evaluation of parallel methods for crash dynamics analysis of complex nonlinear finite element and/or finite difference structural problems. An investigation of selected nonlinear dynamics algorithms appropriate for parallel computers is reported. Implicit methods such as those of the Newmark type which build on the Cholesky decomposition strategy and explicit methods such as the central difference time integration method are included. Both implicit and explicit dynamics algorithms are investigated on two significantly different parallel computers, the FLEX/32 shared memory multicomputer and the INTEL iPSC Hypercube local memory computer.