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DAI Glossary

[WIP] Work in Progress!

analysis building block (ABB)

constraint schematic

design-analysis associativity


multi-representation architecture (MRA)
a design-analysis integration strategy that in which CAD-CAE integration is viewed as an information-intensive mapping between design models and analysis models. The MRA breaks this mapping into subproblems using four information representations: SMMs, ABBs, PMs, and PBAMs. The MRA represents design-analysis associativity as PM-ABB idealization linkages that are contained in PBAMs.

product model (PM)

product model-based analysis model (PBAM)

routine analysis
the regular use of established analysis models in product design.

solution method model (SMM)

ABB-SMM transformation

idealization relation between design and analysis attributes

PM-ABB linkage indicating usage of one or more [gamma]-i