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Research, Development, and Implementation
of Next-Generation Engineering Frameworks

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NASA / Institute for Scientific Research, Inc. - Fairmont, West Virginia

Phase 1: Needs Assessment and Exploration (2003)

The fundamental mission ascribed to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is to serve as a national resource for discovery in Earth and planetary science. Technology development is primary and integral to GSFC's mission goals. To assist the Goddard Space Flight Center in the research of systems, software, and technology, the Goddard Institute for Systems, Software, and Technology Research (GISSTR) was established at the Institute for Scientific Research, Inc. (ISR) in Fairmont, West Virginia. Among the goals for GISSTR is research into enhanced means of engineering model representation and frameworks that foster model interoperability and more complete knowledge capture.

GIT is assisting ISR in a collaborative effort to define an engineering framework (EFW) for GISSTR, which is being embodied in a software system termed DEVISE. This collaborative study is focusing on CAD/E/X model standards, as well as tools for managing constraint relations within and among such models to enable advanced interoperability and knowledge representation.

In Phase 1 we are focusing on concept exploration and demonstration, as well as near-term and long-term planning for the DEVISE system. This includes developing technical architectures and organizing the effort to release incremental capabilities in future phases.


Engineering Frameworks Interest Group (EFWIG)