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Thermomechanical CAD/CAE Integration in the TIGER PWA Toolset


Peak, R. S.; Fulton, R. E.; Sitaraman, S. K. (1997) Advances in Electronic Packaging-1997, EEP-Vol. 19-1, Suhir, E., et al., eds., InterPACK'97, June 15-19, 1997, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, 957-962.


In the DARPA-sponsored TIGER collaborative engineering demonstration, a large manufacturer provides its suppliers early PWA/B design information in a neutral format (AP210 DIS - the draft STEP PWA/B product model standard). Suppliers use the TIGER Toolset at an Internet-based engineering service bureau to perform a variety of design checks, including design-for-manufacturability and thermomechanical analysis. This paper overviews the latter capabilities with an emphasis on the CAD/CAE integration techniques utilized.

Examples include warpage analysis modules which PWB fabricators employ to evaluate designs in a highly automated manner. This system is the first known usage of STEP AP210 DIS to drive engineering analysis (in Ansys) using design information from a commercial board layout tool (Mentor Graphics). A recent demonstration shows these techniques bring unique supplier expertise to an integrated product team, enabling timely, cost-saving design improvements.


Manuscript: html and pdf